These people are a bunch of thiefing red necks!!!!….My girl friend had an accident on I-20 and they charged me $350.00 to tow a car 5-6 miles and thats not even the real problem, they where the worst people to do business with. | It all started when my girlfriend had an accident on I-20 about 7:00am, they were at the crash site within 1/2hr, it seems like they work with the police even though we have road side assistance they where very insistent that they had to move the car even though it was not in the driving lanes. We did not request there service but they moved the car and we had to pay them for every step. They charge us $35 just to take the car from the truck for her to get her possession. | They gave us a quote to fix the car and it was $9600.00 for a car that cost just over $8000.00 plus they were also telling us that we would not get anything for the car and they want to buy it for $700……which they would subtract the towing fee making it $350.00 for the car…..f**king Rediculouse …. they wanted her to give them the car for towing!!! | I later got a quote of $3000-$3500 to fix the car. Dont do businees with them they are going to rip you off!!!!


  • Name: Roper’s Collision Center, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Greensboro
  • Address: 2250 Union Point Hwy
  • Phone: 706-453-4303
  • Website: