Complaint: REPEAT PROBLEMS WITH SERVICE WRITER/MANAGER/ROSEDALE CHEV =CANT FIND PROBLEM= HAVENT HEARD BACK FROM WARRANTY CO IN 3 DAYS… Within 1st 4mos 1998 Chevy S-10 Stepside(sportside)Needs:tune up&new brakes,tran service,oil chng,inside fan motor, tires, mount& balance, align,bth backrest handles broke off.pre-trip inspection =Did tranny service.~~ 2mos back from a trip to Montana did tranny again,just2keep mntc up…started shifting funny..SES light comes on.. [email protected] station.. take2 dealer~~~”service writer””(S/R)sez Universal Warranty sez-known valve prob but wont fix now

Tags: Auto Dealer Repairs

Address: no history(4recall I assume). you have2pay$200 MINIMUM(ded=+shop charges)2get put back together. Later””S/R changes story to””they wanted you2do a tranny service

Website: picked up my truck… within 1/2 a mile SES light back on.~~~~Chev closed.cllbck

Phone: #4 plug was fouled/ changed””(I already did tranny twice