How do I begin… my story is so messed up, u would wonder why I stayed in this mess. My husband and I met a decade ago. We were off and on for 7 years before we got married. With his job and my situation, we weren’t meant to make it this far but he was persistent. No matter how long I went without seeing him, he was always right back at my door… 4 years ago we decided it was time to move in together and be a family we should have been long ago. 6 months into starting our lives I find out he was messing with this woman who looks old enough to be my mother. He would say he had to work an extra day on the rig and sneak off to spend 1 night with RoseMary Martinez who lived 2 hours away from our home. She knew about me. She didnt care. She was proud to be the last minute call girl. When I confronted her, she didn’t give me the “oh I didn’t know was not single”… || Instead she told me that my husband hated me and that he was leaving me for her. That I should pack my stuff up and leave because she was moving in. And other stuff which was amusing. When I questioned my husband, he told me that she was his stepdads neice. Like his cousin. Then told me I was being childish and that this woman would say anything to break us up because she wanted what I had. Anyway the texting between them went on for a few more months. He thinks I didnt know but I knew. She would send pictures of herself naked in the shower or sitting on the couch with her cooch hanging out. Asking him if he is happy and she loved him and that she regrets waiting too long to make him hers. || I was no fool, I put a gps tracker on his phone. So when it was time for him to come home, he called to say he was working an extra day and that he was barely leaving New Jersey. I tracked him only to see he was headed out of Oklahoma City in the direction she lived. I let him know that I knew where he was and that the kids and I would be gone before he came home the next day. He told me I was wrong and that he was in New Jersey. Well, he must have been driving a rocket because he was home within an hour. That evening his phone kept going off. Yes, it was her. Asking where he was and when he was going to get to her house. How she was excited to finally have him in her arms, etc etc. Finally I had enough. I texted her and told her to come get him if she was so desperate to have him. She didnt show and he disconnected the phone shortly after. She was finally gone… Until a month ago when she started messaging my husband on facebook again… telling him that she is moving only 15 mins away from us. I told her off and blocked that whore. After a little research, I find out that I am not the only one who has delt with this woman. Rose Mary Martinez has been bed hopping all over Clinton and wrecking homes faster then wreck it Ralph. Mustang, Oklahoma… watch out because shes moving to your town!