I live in Grove City, Ohio. I ordered an RV carport from Powerbilt Steel Buildings on 6/23/16. Today’s date is 9/23/16. No carport! The salesperson I dealt with told me 30 days was the norm. About July 2/16 I received a call saying building was ready. I informed the lady I didn’t have concrete slab poured yet and that I was told I had 30 days. She said, ‘ no problem call us back when you are ready’. August 1/16 my wife sent email to my sales rep at Powerbilt saying we would be ready for delivery by 2nd week of August. I actually paid an additional $500 for concrete to get it poured on the 1st of August/16. Late August 2016 I called my sales rep. She said she didn’t get the email. She then plamed me for not calling the person who scheduled set up. She then made a few calls and told me my building would be in place by Sept. 16. She also went into a spill about her being third party, and how difficult it was to contact these folks. At no time during sale conversation or on my contract was I informed a third party was going to be responsible for set up. Carolina Carports called this morning telling me it could be as late as last of October. She also said no one had contacted her about a September delivery date! Had I known they used Carolina Carports I would have directly ordered from them! Economics says both have to make a profit! Yes, I signed a contract saying deposit non- refundable. I did so thinking no business could survive making promises and not following through. I went yesterday to a local building company and priced the unit..steel is steel..and actually they came in a little cheaper than Powerbilt. As stated common sense says if if you are dealing with 2 companies both have to make a profit. I feel that Powerbilt Steel Buildings have found a lucrative avenue in not keeping their end of a deal and hiding behind a no refund policy. How many folks would just be so infuriated as to lose the deposit and go to another company?Also noted, who is responsible for a warranty? Folks who sold or folks who install? My Powerbilt sales rep made a big deal out of telling me she was “Third Party””! But only after many emails and disappointments.”

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