RSC rental Inc. acused us for damaging one of the forks of the fork lift we rented,and charge us for two fork lifts, claiming the law required pairs be replaced at the same time. I checked quite a few fork lift parts supply company, they all told me ther is no law required forks to be changed as a pairs and they quote me the replacedmdnt price far lower than RSC charged me for my damage. RSC also charge me one hour of labor time to replace the forks, all fork lift suppliers told me it is just a snap on and off procedure and certainly do not require an hour of mechanic’s time . RSC charge me $75.50 for labor to replace the forks. nWe do not belived that we damage the fork and certainly do not believe taht it is fair for RSC to charge us for two brand new forks and $75.50 for labor to replace their old beat up forks that they rented to us. RSC try to charge their maintenance item to some unlucky renter. nMiminNew Orleans, LouisianaU.S.A.

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