George Goates is a theif!!!! He owns several companies! I worked for RTW management and he refuses to pay me my wages. I worked for a month and got paid once! I’ve called him and emailed him and he’s smiling going skiing with his 3 daughters while I can’t pay my rent and my son’s birthday cane and went. He keeps giving you the run a round and run a round and refuses to pay you. I wanted my fair pay long ago and he refuses to pay. Do not do business with this company!! They refuse to pay fair and over work you and under pay you. Do not do anything for this company!!! Do not work here!


  • Name: RTW Management LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Utah
  • City: Salt Lake
  • Address: 1495 East 3300 South
  • Phone: 801-746-2417
  • Website: