Complaint: After seeing an advertisement on TV for $3.00 entrees with purchase of a garden bar I decided to drive to my local Ruby Tuesdays as I have always had great service and tasty meals there. I ordered the Garden Bar (all you can eat salad bar) and one of the five entrees listed in the special offer. The server was great and the meal was, as usual, very tasty. My issue was with the bill, normally The Garden Bar is priced at $3.99 it was even listed on one of their multiple menus, but on my receipt it was $9.99. After talking to my server she explained that when taking advantage of the $3.00 special entree the price of the Garden Bar is increased to $9.99. This wipes out most if not all of the savings for this special and is in my opinion a terrible way to run a business. After viewing the TV commercial a number of times I am unable to see that they explain this ?

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 333 East Broadway Avenue Maryville, TN United States