I bought this rug anchor product and I didn’t know what the prelim price and shipping was until I had already gave them my CC info, by the time I saw that I purchased the product it was too late. I paid $15 for shipping on a $10 item. n21 days later I got the item and it didn’t work. It stuck to me, my table, my clothes, all but the rug where it was supposed to anchor it down to the floor. There was no way to contact the company, nor will they pay for a refund or return shipping. So I am sending it back but paid another $5.15 to send it. nThis is a ripoff and I am telling my credit card company that I want a credit. I’m sure Ruggies won’t do the right thing and only send me $10 but the shipping was a scam and the product a total fraud. It simply didn’t work.

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