I found Run Local Garage Door on-line in February when my spring and cable on my gargae door busted. Lets not beat around the bush I picked the company because they could come out on a Sunday and it was still just the $29 service charge. The technician came out with his wife and fixed the garge in under 30 minutes. Then I was hit with the $350 bill for him to make the repairs that were needed. Now 3 months later the cable breaks again. I didn’t worry to much because the work was suppose to be under warranty. Then I called the company to have a technician come out and fix my garge only to be told sorry you have to wait for a supervisor to come in to handle this and they would return my call. Keep in mind I didn’t even et a chance to tell them what was wrong. That was my first brush off form Run Local Garage Door. They never called me back so of course I called them back once more since I can’t close my garage door and I can’t leave my house to go to work. I was then told that sorry he doesn’t have a technician in this area right now and wont have one for a month. So now my garage door is stuck open and my “warranty”” on the work they did is over in a matter of days. The “”supervisor”” simply said he could send me to the claims and “”maybe”” they could do something for me. Maybe doesn’t cut it and when I asked him if there was someone above him I could speak to he said no he was it. So I asked for a corporate number only for him to laugh and say he was the top of the chain. I have never seen a company act like this before and I will never use them again. There is a head office but they choose not to provide the information. They hind behind the internet and two separate names. This company took my money and over charged for the service they provided and never made good on the work they did. This company is a fraud and I wouldn’t recommend them to my worst enemy. I tried to pull them up on the BBB but had no luck. Please do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for the service charge on another compnay. It will save you in the end.”

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