Complaint: Took vehicle in to change oil and check air conditioning problem. Said they change the oil, but could not fix air conditioning. Picked up vehicle, the oil was change and they said they fixed the air conditioner. *Without an estimate or authorization. It was only $100.00 for repair so I paid it. With in a week the vehicle lost power when driving it several time. Took it back to Running Great Automotive and while sitting in front of their door waiting for the mechanic to write the problem up, a fire started under the hood. Was told not to worry they would take care of it at no charge since they repaired it orginally. Went to pick the vehicle up and was give a $1039.00 bill. I did not give any authorization for any repairs, and no verbal approval, in fact I was out of state attending a family funeral. I refused payment and had to bond my car out. Went to court and they produced a fraudlent estimate (add in, hand written and added to the orginal work order for the oil change and check the air conditioning). They were awared the charges because the judge would not accept a notorized statement as to the reason and mannor of their repair and damages as a result of the method they used. The judge wanted the SAE mechanic actually present in her courtroom, and diregarded the statements of the witness I did have who was with me at the time of drop off and pick up of the vehicle. Bobbie Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.

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