Scam Through Western Union


My Complaint: A guy on a social network called Instagram (@runyabanzup) whose later name was Sean Rivers, said he worked for Western Union, and if I send him $100 he would add a zero to that and send back $1000. I didn’t believe the scam at first so i asked for a reference to somebody who already has done the process. I was then referred to a guy named James (404-859-0637) who told it worked and it was legit. I went to the Western Union and Sean called me (404-621-5546) to tell me what to put on the form. After I have done that he told me it would take 15 minutes to process. While after the 15 minutes was up, I called him and he had turned off his phone so he wouldn’t get any calls. I’m young and didn’t know any better but I got scammed out of $100. I would like this person have consequences for what he has done, and make sure he doesn’t scam anybody else. Also if there’s any way possible I could receive my money back.


My Demand: Money Back