Complaint: I am posting my complaint because I am not happy with the OFA hip results on my dogs from Rus Pekos. I was told by Elena – at Rus Pekos Kennel that hips were excellent and you could not get a better grade. When the dogs were tested here in the United States, the dogs did not have such great hips at all. I sent over a email to Rus Pekos to tell her the news. The woman did not really care. To be truthful she was somewhat rude in the email kept it short and rushed and really didn’t care the dogs at all. She charged me a lot of money for the dogs too. I feel for that kind of money I paid to expect great hips that she should have offered small refund to help out because they were a lot of money for fair hips. I didnt want fair hips for that much money. And the dogs dont have the best hips. I talked to other breeders in the United States who bought dogs from Rus Pekos kennel and some of the breeders had the same problems to. OFA results were fair hips barely passing after she said that the dogs had the best hips. And she charged expensive prices. A pregnant dog Elena sold and shipped to a breeder almost died when it came. It was sick and had to be spayed. Unfortunately because she is in Russia I can’t do anything or get any portion of my money back (which i think would be fair and reasonable because they dont have the best grade on hips and I paid a lot of money). I would not have expected this sort of response from the woman after the money she charged me for the dogs that she said had best hips. I do not think this is fair business dealing. I would not buy anymore dogs from Rus Pekos. If I wanted dogs with fair hips I would have not paid that high price that I did. I would not deal with them again.

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