I ordered a replacement ment card and iI was charged 35 dollars it was sent to my address spmething happened with the overnight shipping company they hired to deliver my package it was sent back to rushcard I then had to request another overnight card to be delivered to the excat same address which i recieved no problem they charged me another 35 dollars to have the second card sent 0out again to excact same address no problem something happened with the first delivery im not 100% why they sent it back motes say it was refused nowyourself why would i refuse the first card and i needed it quickly im on goverment benifits due to my disabilty | so i depend on recieving my funds on time banyway the second card was sent out and no problem recieved card at the sameADDRESS AS TEH FIRST ONE WAS SENT so there was no change of address i did not refuse the card who in thie5r right mind would do that but anyway i tried to dispute the charged they informed me it could not be dispued they would send a offline request now keep in mind i have had them do this about 5 times still no money has been returned for something i never recieved also i have no proof that they sent they are just saying it was sent its crazy that they are able to charge take steal my money from me and what can i do they wont give it back they are stealing from people with disabilties they know i recieve a monthly benifit it feels like strong armed robbery please someone tell me where ican i go or what can i do Thank you


  • Name: RushCard
  • Country: United States
  • State: Connecticut
  • City: Cincinnati
  • Address: PO Box 42482
  • Phone: 866-787-4227
  • Website: www.rushcard.com/