I called this company to request three passports that they said they could deliver in three to four business days. Try four weeks! And I still do not have one of the three passports. Yes, they took my $900 and then said that they would not return my money. Calls to the manager and owner went unanswered. The day before my vacation departure and up to five days later I was calling 5 or 6 times a day and nobody would return my calls. Finally I got a call back and the customer service rep said that he was “swamped with calls because he had more than 20 people who didnt get their passports on time.”” THEN when I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau

they said that I didnt get the passports because my documents were in complete. Well

if they were incomplete

why did I get two of them…eventually???? Now my complaint is in the hands of the Consumer Affairs Division. I strongly urge anyone who has been ripped off from this company to file a complaint. nJennifernOrlando