Russman was the poorest representation for my recent alleged DUI case in New Hampshire that I could have found. He was eager to help at first even making himself available on a Saturday for a meeting in his office he had me write him a check for $5,000 and said that he was the best lawyer available for DUI cases. After the initial meeting with Ryan he was very hard to reach never returned any phone calls and only met with me once to hear my side of the story. I had a very good case to fight but attorney Russman apparently only akes please for drunk people and my case was thrown by the wayside with a plea made when I was innocent. I was only allowed to meet with Ryan one time after the initial Saturday visit. He made no effort to defend me and he pretty much convinced me to sign the plea deal of reckless endangerment telling me it was really my only option. On the day of Court he didn’t even bother to show up he sent an intern that was not informed on the case and did not even know who I was when he came to represent me. I tried to explain to attorney Russman my rights were violated by the local police department when they coerced me into signing an implied consent form telling me that if I sign the form I could just go home they never told me the consequences of not being tested resulting in me losing my license for six months and Ryan Russman would not defend me. Ryan Russman was just in a hurry to make a plea deal and pocket my $5,000 he was near impossible to reach and when I did talk to him he acted like I was putting him out. Even though Ryan Russman is well advertised as a good DUI attorney do not hire him he will take your money and make some kind of a deal with the prosecutor which he tries to tell you he’s friends with but makes no effort to communicate with you the conversations between him and the prosecutor. I explained to him that my license was my job as I drive for a living but he did not care and would not listen to any of my defense. I would have been better off defending myself.


  • Name: Russman Law Offices
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Hampshire
  • City: Exeter
  • Address: 14 Center St
  • Phone: 603-772-3433
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