I had went to rusty rental on May 24, 2019 to rent a vehicle it was 250.00 I had to put down. You must rent the vehicle for at least three days, since it was the holiday May 27,2019 I had to keep it for four days. I ask the saleperson can i keep it until the May 29, 2019 meaning i will return it on this day. | The saleperson women sale yes she will extend it for one more day. I plus I call her on May 28, 2019 and ask her was it still ok too keep the car and return it on wedensday, she said yes and then i ask her how much will i need to keep the car till friday? she told me to bring her 75.00 more. I said if I do decide to do that I will. | Ok I return the vehicle on May 29, 2019. The place close at 5:00 she gave me a call tell me that the place close and i told her i was 5 mins away, never did she say anytime about a late fee ok. So I arrive there at 5:03pm. she was taking care of other customer which took 15mins so im waiting. She get to me to take care of me. | So she ask me was I keeping the car till friday i said No so then she say ” well I’m going to charge you late fee for return the car late because I close at 5:00pm and late fee for return it a day late because it was due back tuesday May 28, 2019 so that is go be a total of 200.00 in late fee but i will charge you 108.00 instead. | I told her the place wasn’t close because I walk in and you was taking care someone else plus you told me I can keep the car other day and never said anything about late fee. I was rip off I suppose to had got 150.00 back and she gave me 40.00. due to all the late fee she made up because I did not keep that car till friday and gave her 75.00 more dollars. I will never go here again or tell anyone about them.


  • Name: Rusty Car Rentals
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Cleveland
  • Address: 2972 Broadway Ave
  • Phone: 1 216-883-4555
  • Website: rustycarrentals.business.site/