So this girl ruined my marriage and my family. I had been married for 13 years with my soon to be ex husband. Like an old saying says, “A man will go as far as where the woman allows it”. She flirted with him at work knowing he was happily married and with 3 kids. She had a boyfriend at this time but had no time for her and she loved the attention of the men working with her in the kitchen, in particular my ex’s. They worked the night shift in a restaurant and would stay after to have a drink, then started having dinner together after work and progressed to rides home where they both cheated. He fell for her in a matter of months. They would text via regular texts and messenger. On his birthday I planned this huge party for him. He got so drunk that night and was acting weird that I grabbed his cell and started checking his messages (by this day I had already felt he was growing apart from me plus he had set up his fingerprint to unlock his cell). My heart broke when I saw the conversations. I was so pissed to see how this girl never put a stop to this situation. I confronted her that night through my ex’s messenger and told her it was his wife and I knew they were cheating. She of course denied it all. My life went downhill from that day on. We had to sell our house and our family is broke thanks to this bitch. There are so many of these girls out there with no self respect or respect to others! Be alert, the ones that seemed innocent are the ones to be careful from. I could write a whole book on the damage this hoe did but this is the overall story.