Other associated names with this squatter group include: nDOYLE, JOSEPH S (Age 27) nDOYLE, JOSEPH SnDOYLE, JOSEPH SCOTTnDOYLE, JOSEPHSTEVENnDOYLE, JOSEPH S (Age 27)nDOYLE, RUTH EnDOYLE, RUTH KnKRAMER, RUTH EnKRAMERNAIL, RUTHnNAIL, RUTH EnNEIL, RUTH KRAMER nThis cast of clowns will destroy your property, they owe me $6,700 not including damage to the property. They will neglect the property and let it fall apart. They are simply lazy… Do Not Rent to these idiots!!! nThe1moenLithia, FloridaU.S.A.

Eagles Nest Drive Valrico, Florida U.S.A.