It is a sad day when the city, town, county and all of your local government, join up together against its OWN hardworking tax paying citizens to make a buck. You wake up everyday, go to work, pay your bills and raise your family. Life is a struggle, its a lot of work, for little play. But, its worth it, right? To have a safe secure place, where you can raise your family and feel at ease knowing the local government youve been paying into all this time has your back. BUT, what if that same local government TURNED on its OWN CITIZENS, conjuring, lying and breaking LAWS just to make money. Money. The root of ALL evil. My family had a price tag put on it from the very first day of horrible nightmare. My local government and ALL involved broke LAWS, LIED, COVERED UP ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES, and VIOLATED NUMEROUS of our Constituntional Rights. We complained A LOT, to oir lawyers mainly, and were told to be careful what we say or do because US standing up for oir God Given Rights, would potentially cause “The System” to keep our children permaently. We were theatened, with our children, to keep quiet!! By our court appointed attorneys.


  • Name: Rutherford County Department of Social Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Spindale
  • Address: 389 Fairground Rd
  • Phone: 828-287-6078
  • Website: