Complaint: Rutland Manor – animal cruelty, abuse, dogs and puppies kept in horrific conditions, filthy starved, sick and uncared for, selling puppies with falsified papers. You want to know the truth about the puppies you buy from the pet shop? Pets paradise for instance and the many others that put cute puppies in the window of their shops? Well the truth is that monsters such as Beverley Manners breed these puppies in circumstances akin to concentration camps for dogs…. These dogs are caged their whole life, some never see the sunlight. They are covered in faeces, they have severe ear and eye infections from the filthy conditions. They do not receive care from vets. They have mange, lice, fleas…. They suffer such serious psychological distress from their conditions that they slowly become insane… The big losers from the puppy farming industry are the dogs and buyers who take home their pupies with false papers and certificates…. do not buy into this industry, do not buy a puppy from a pet shop or from a puppy factory like Rutland Manor…. If you do so you are continuing the cycle of abuse. Each time Beverley is caught out, she just ups and moves, changes name and off she goes again, its time to wake up to these horrible abusers of animals and stop this industry in its tracks. Enough suffering, and enough deaths already – Beverley and her cronies need to find another way to line their pockets.

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