This company is a scam. Kevin (the owner) try’s to sneak in a loan origination fee of thousands of dollars (in my case, it was 7k) for “being the only person that can get you a loan” and “this is the best deal out there,” even though he has absolutely no influence over the banks decision and everyone else can get you the same exact loan without charging a fee. | He never mentions anything about an upfront fee for getting a loan through his shady company. He simply try’s to sneak it into your loan docs and when asked about it he claims “it’s the cost of doing business” Are you serious? This guy is a joke. He scams people into signing and paying for it probably without even knowing. | Luckily I caught on to his scam however I feel so bad for all those folks that didn’t know better and hope that people do their due diligence before so they don’t get suckered. You don’t need him for a loan and you can work directly with all the RV dealerships. They will get you the same exact loan if not better because they work with the same banks and they will do it without charging you a single dollar. | In my case, the RV dealership I purchased from got me multiple approvals within two hours with the same rate and better terms and I didn’t have to pay a ridiculous fee of 7k for his “services” He tries to scare you into believing he’s the only one that can even get you “this amazing loan”. That is complete BS! To top it off, when I caught him and called him out on it and he got all defensive and starting giving me attitude. Are you kidding me? Wow! Like I said, this guy is a complete joke and his so called “RV lending group” is a complete sham.


  • Name: RV Lending Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Ponte Vedra Beach
  • Address: 236 Canal Blvd Suite 4
  • Phone: 1 904-299-4860
  • Website: