I bought 3 things from them for my Travel Trailer (1) Triple step (2) Stove Cover (3) Rigid Tire carrier. nWhen we received the items the steps were wider than they listed on their web site and would not fit our TT. The stove cover was claimed to work with almost any manufacturer, it didnt work well with our Atwood stove, which are a common stove. IMO sloppy fit = no fit. The rigid tire carrier was not rigid (it folded down). Now grant you the fold down cost a couple more dollars but it was NOT what I wanted and I DID NOT order it. I ordered the rigid one. nI contacted the company via email and asked what we need to do to return the steps and cover. Told them I would keep the carrier because it wasnt that big of a deal. I got no reply from them for days so I emailed them again asking about the return policy. They replied back and said it was no problem, just mail them back to the following address…. nI replied stating that I should not have to pay for shipping since their web site listed the items incorrectly. They then gave us a prepaid UPS tracking label for the steps and nothing for the cover. I went ahead and shipped the cover at my expense. nWeeks went by with no credit to my credit card. I tired contacting them multiple times through email and phone. I would get NO response with the email and on the phone they told me I needed to talk to Richard. He was always out of the office when I would call and they told me they would have him call me. I would never receive a call from him or anyone. nA couple weeks ago we finally got an email from them stating that they issued a refund. It was the exact amount for the steps. But nothing for the cover. nI finally was able to contact a lady (that wouldn’t give me her name) and she told me that they charge a restocking fee and thats why the full billed amount was not credited. While I was talking she rudely put me on hold and then some guy picked up the phone, I believe this guys name was Richard. He tried to tell me the same story. I explained to him that it was their mistake and I should not have to pay a restocking fee. He then goes on to say they actually credited us about $5 too much. Mind you they were $41.67 from what they owed me which was the price of the stove cover. When I contacted them about returning the items they said NOTHING about a restocking fee. With proof of a UPS tracking number I finally got it through to his head that they have the stove cover and own me $41.67. He finally agreed with me. Said we probably dont have the refund yet because their warehouse has not issued them a refund on it. Point is they have it so we should have the refund. He told me Ill check into it and get back to you by the end of the day. To no surprise I received NO call, email or credit. nSince then multiple emails and phone calls have been made with this company and the latest situation is that they have the tracking number showing proof of delivery and Richard told me they will look for it and “if”” they find it they will issue me a refund. He said they should know something within a few hours. It’s been days now and I have seen nothing or heard anything from them. nI finally contacted the Credit Card company and explained the situation to them and they issued me a refund and said they we be doing a chargeback against them.”

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