Internet false advertising


My Complaint: I ordered 2 samples from popup ads on YouTube stating explicitly they were just samples with no future shipments or on-going expenses and that only S&H of $2.95 and $3.97. I received the small 5day samples without any company names on them and 2 weeks later was chareged $99.95 and $105.95 for the “samples”. A week later I received 2 parcels of small jars which I immediately returned, one to Dallas and one to Palmdale CA. I got the phone No. from my bank as I was charged another $93 and $99. I called and was subsequently given refund of &79 and much later an email that another $73 would be refunded. I know these are all one company and that their only goal is to have our credit card numbers and frequent withdrawals. The products were totally useless.


My Demand: Refund of all monies less the $79.