Money taken from my bank acct without authorization!


My Complaint: A website said something like Hear what secret Ellen Degeneres has that know one knows about. Go to site and is free samples for 2 RTVL products. I ordered Equinox Night & Day and RTVL Aging Cream & paid $4.00 for one & $4.99 for the other. Went on vacation, when returned home, a total of $193.53 was taken from my bank acct. Have to pay rent & is Christmas!! When I called them, said in Term & Conditions, will be charged unless cancel in 14 days. When I asked for the website that states that, gave a site different from one I used & wouldn’t give the one I ordered from. After 5 calls, one offered to refund about $40 for each and said will receive in 3-5 days. Three of those times I called, once they heard what the situations was about, they hung up on me. I want to do a Class Action. Thousands are dealing with this and all over the world. I called the Ellen Degeneres Show 818-954-5000 and said they are trying to do something about it. I wonder what that is? Would be great if all would call her show and complain.


My Demand: Want a full refund for both!