Ryan Gilchrist/Rye Brook Police Department CORRUPTION – Civil Rights Violations – Obvious Mental Health Issues With Individuals Who Are Given Guns Rye New York!!. The rye brook police department in rye brook, ny, and specifically detective ryan gilchrist, are perpetual civil rights violators. This police department has its officers sit on the new york/conecticut line and intercept people who cross over the boarder and harrass them for no reason. ryan gilchrist, in particular, seems to have some type of mental health issue in that he either believes he knows celebrities, professional athletes, actors, or other famous people and beleives that anyone crossing over the line is going to see them and that he is protecting them by stopping them or he is a criminal who is performiing these same actions in the name of these type of people who are paying him to do it. he would be better suited to work for the national enquirer where he can use his non-stop desire to be surr

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