Ryan built out home in Patriot”s Landing. This is our 5th new home and 3rd we built from ground up. WORST HOME builder EVER. I would offer to buy their nails since few were used on woodwork. I am having to take off caulk from the top of all woodwork and doors and redo. If walls were straight this would not need done because woodwork would have fit properly to wall. Carpets were bought at Costen and not stretched. I have had to have people come twice so far to take the wrinkles out of the carpets because the were not stretched when put in and of course had to pay for that. Cracks have developed in many, many corners and near ceilings. Thank god my dad was a carpenter and I know how to fix many of all the horrible workmanship downfalls of this house. We were told that the general contractor of this home would call or email us each week. Never did. Also suspicious that we could not drop by to just check on the house but needed an appointment to do so. We were out of state so coul

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