Complaint: If you are from northeast Ohio and looking for a company or contractor to do asphalt work like fill potholes, seal cracks on roads, or pave driveways, be aware of a new company called Northeast Asphalt Maintenance at The owner and founder is Ryan Tyna and he recently started Northeast Asphalt Maintenance in April 2013. It’s always important to know the managers of a company before doing business, so who is Ryan Tyna? He was a social studies teacher at Willoughby-Eastlake Schools from 2000 to 2013 and the head coach for the girls high school basketball team at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy from 2011 to 2013. So what happened to him? Ryan Tyna was arrested in February 2013 when he showed up at a motel room to pay $100 for a half-hour with a 20-year-old hooker. The hooker was part of a sting operation by the Willoughby police where 12 johns, including him, were arrested for solicitation of prostitution. CVCA girls basketball coach arrested in prostitution sting, fired Ryan Tyna of Medina, Ohio fired as head coach for girls basketball team at Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy Ryan Tyna was immediately fired as head coach of the CVCA girls basketball team and soon resigned as teacher at Willoughby-Eastlake before he was about to get fired. It’s very troubling because the hooker he thought he was going to f**k was only 20 years old, which is very young and very close to being underage. He is also married with a daughter and probably has more kids, although they are not mentioned. At age 42 when he got arrested, it’s definitely certain he has seen many hookers before (don’t give me this BS that this was the one and only hooker he was going to see?!). And sexual addicts like him soliciting young prostitutes inevitably lead to other crimes, like pedophilia, human trafficking, rape, drugs, sexually transmitted diseases, and theft to pay for his addiction. Not only that, but Ryan Tyna has no experience in construction anyway. His whole work life was education and teaching. The lesson = stay far away from Ryan Tyna and Northeast Asphalt Maintenance. His previous employers and schools rejected him for his heinous crimes, so should you.

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Address: 1114 N Court ST, #140 Medina, Ohio USA