Complaint: I requested parts for my vehicle and they assured me they had the parts so we bought over phone with VISA. Our card was charged two days later. I was told 7-10 days I will recieve parts that’s why we went with them since we have arrangments to use our vehicle 12 days after we had ordered. After several days (around the 8th day) I called to get a tracking number because they told me my order had gotten shipped. Turns out they don’t have one but that I could call the next day and get one. Now we are getting into the ninth day and still no tracking number. On the tenth day, the day I’m suppose to recieve my items they decided to let me know that NO my items never did get shipped. Something about my item got sold to someone else instead. So I decide to speak with the manager and turns out I was told he was also the owner. JOHN doesn’t know &#@! about what’s going on in his company. I wanted my refunded and was told by a Jackie that the system was down. The system was down for 7 DAYS. John doesn’t know when they will get fixed. Not to mention the nasty attitude him and his assosiates have. So turns out I was never able to take the trip I had planned because I trusted them to send my part which never arrived and never got shipped. So I was stuck with no car and no vacation. Only by Gods good grace I got my money back after almost a month of waiting and always calling day after day. I just want to warn people of NEVER to order ANYTHING for S and J Used Auto parts. You’ll be up for a lot of frustatation and disappointment that is truley unnessesary. I justed wanted my car to work for my big vacation. Nathalie fort drum, New YorkU.S.A.

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Address: 40 Excelesior Ave Nationwide U.S.A.


Phone: 518-583-4125