Let me start off by saying this bitch right here has no shame at all! For the past 3 years of my life and marriage she continued involving herself in my marriage. But i know I’m to blame as well because i in turn allowed it to go on because my wife told me i basically had no choice. So I’ll just start where it got nasty. I had a face to face meeting with her at a park. We discussed how in love she was with my wife and that she would wait unless my wife told her otherwise. I felt pity for this single woman of 3 kids. So i figured I’d befriend her since her kids call my wife daddy. Big mistake. We planned a few outings and i included them in it. The first 1 was a disaster because her kids had no clue who i was. Needless to say, adrian explained to them in a way that should have included my wife. Anyway fast fwd, secret fb messages and trying to buy my wife. She bought her a fake jersey thinking she could one up me. Smh. So enough is enough. I wrote them both a letter, packed up me and my 2 girls, went up to their job (yes they work together) and asked my wife how much our marriage meant to her. I begged for the final and last time for her to cut them loose. She didn’t. So i walked away. In my letter i told adrian I’d pray for her kids because what mother brings people in and out of their life knowing it would never be permanent? Be warned she believes she’s blessed and highly favored so she can do no wrong. And i plan on emailing everyone on her friend’s list to let them know what a dirty cuntcake wife stealing whore she is.