Complaint: 02-27-02 Dear Sirs: In December 2001 I had my 1995 Ply Neon Highline roof, painted due to paint separation. The clearcoat on the top of the car came completely off the undercoat, leaving bare primer showing. After talking to the dealership and to Chrysler Corp in Detroit, MI the offer was made to share 50% of the cost to repaint the roof. This after the body shop manager Lex gave us three different stories about who the Chrysler regional rep was. Turns out Chrysler said they didn’t have to get the regional reps okay to do this repair. Although this was a manufacturing defect I still had to share in the cost of repair. Now as of yesterday 02-26-02 the paint on the trunk is peeling in the same fashion as what had occurred on the roof. I should be compensated for the cost I already incurred with repainting of the roof as well as the lower portion of the vehicle being repainted at no cost to me. I know that suing the dealership is an option available to me. However, I want to resolve this problem directly with them. This is a manufactoring defect. They just don’t seem to care! I called Chrysler Customer Complaint department at 1-800-243-5860. The representative said they did not have a recall on the paint issue. She forwarded my concern to Ray Henkel in the Service Department at S. J. Denham, Inc. (530) 241-1756. I told her that I had just had the roof of this vehicle repainted at a cost to me of approx $250. Now the trunk is beginning to peel. I bought the car new from this dealership and they agreed to only go 50% of cost with me. Since the problem is now showing on the lower portion of the car I want the entire car repainted. My wife and I went to S. J. Denham, Inc. and talked to Ray Henkel , Service Manager, about the paint peeling. As we might have expected he gave the same song and dance as we had gotten before. He offered 50% of the cost be shared between us and the dealership. Is there any assistance you can give me in bringing this to the attention of Chrysler and S. J. Denham, Inc? I see Neons all around town with the same problem occurring, especially in the white color. My vehicle is in Good Condition except for the paint issue and only has 59,000 original miles on it. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Gregory Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Chrysler & Chrysler Products

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