Complaint: I’m saddened to even be writing this Ripoff Scams since online reputations are nothing to mess with when its the number one resource for users looking up information. I couldn’t however, stand by and not bring this situation to light. I’ve been a patient at American Family Doctors for 5 years and had never been pushed to the extreme level I sit at currently. Although I should note the over zealous policies that require a doctor visit to fill a prescription even though this is not regulated by the DEA. Though it is a scheme to bring in more money for the practice. That didn’t stop me from contiuing my care at their office. Oh boy. Exobitant wait times. I’ve waited in a patient room for over 2 hours once when Dr. Steve Samadrula never even showed. He later texted me–didn’t even call to say he was at my mercy and was willing to do anything. This struck me as very odd and strange behavior. I switched Doctors and never spoke to the crazy bloke ever again. It wasn’t until recently a significant issue arose. In addition, the crazy wait times never ceased to exist over the course of 5 years. A routine dr. visit that should have taken 30 minutes tops always turned into a 90 minute visit because they don’t have their operation running smoothly. I recently misplaced my prescription refill slips or threw them away in the process of cleaning my office. I’ve never misued a prescription let alone abused my right to take a medication I’ve taken for years. I researched my issue to see if it fell within the guidelines set by the DEA. Since I had not filled the prescriptions I lost I was entitled to have the written scripts replaced by my doctor. They refused to do so and weighted their stance on a policy statue that doesn’t exist. After I brought this to light and showed them a screenshot of my account with refill history, I received an email from the doctor saying the same rubbish i was given before but that if I needed to be accomodated sooner, it was doable. I got into a nasty altrication with a staff member when I previously called and I was especially crude and inapproprite. My vulgar language was unacceptable and I regret having lost my temper. I couldn’t believe they were so unwilling to help me and lost my cool. This was the first occurence that I had ever done anything wrong. I’ve never given them any other trouble. I received a call from their chief operating officer stating that I was being dimissed from their practice but was not given a clear explanation why. By law, I’m owed a continuance of care NOT a continuance of emergency care like the one I was offered. I chose not to argue and have scheduled an appointment with another Doctor. I’m ashamed I allowed these cowards to look after me this long. Dr. Sam doesn’t hold his practice to a high standard of care like you would expect from a family pracitice doctor. He misses appointments, treats patients unfairly and apparently dismisses them upon any patient fighting back against their over zealous and stringent policies.

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