I have tried on several occassions to get a EVO SSL Certificate from Starfield technologies because.. I purchase my domains, some 300 of them through Wildwest domains… Godaddy. | For the record buy somewhere else. Anywhere else but from Starfield. Purchasing the Standard SSL’s with the godaddy is easy. And so I have puchase dozens form them at a slight overpriced price. | I have attempted to purchase the EVO on several occassions and their forms are stupid in logic. IN my last attempt to get an EVO everything seemed to be going ok until they got my picture id. | Then, the process got slow and stupid. Weeks have gone by and nothing that I have submitted is good enough. One representative will say everything is ok and another will say I need to do something different. | Arbitrary and capricious! | After shopping around I have decied to not renew any of my standard ssls with Godaddy or Starfield and they can take the money I paid for the EVO and shove it up their a*s. | DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM! THEY WILL GIVE YOU THIS BULLSH** LINE ABOUT HOW THEY HAVE TO PROTECT “THEMSELVES”