we saw their ad on the street saying they help you buy a home. we called they told us they only charged down payment an that was it so we felt happy that we could buy a home. My wife an I came up with the $6,500 they wanted down then they said we had to get insurance for the house so i called Allstate an got it when i called them the day to fax the paper work over they said that we could NOT use them an that we had to go to THEIR insurance Agent I did not wanna go so they told us we wer gona loose our downpayment that we have already gave them . We cant afford to loose the money we gave them so we went an paid for the insurance after we paid it then they call us saying we had to pay a Admin fee an if we did not we wer gona loose all the money we had gave them so I sold my car an gave them the money an we got the house. my wife was so happy that she had got her DREAM home. We did they closing on 6-01-2012 comes out we could not move in to the house until 07-04-2012 because the house had electrical-pluming-A/C PROBLEMS we tried calling them they ignored our calls we put another $5,000 into the house before it could be decent to live in so it put us in a hole we had to sell an pawn stuff to pay for the repairs. In August we barely had enough to pay the payment but we did now in September we wer late we tried paying the mortage on 9-10-2012 an they told us dat we could not pay it because we wer late an the house is going to be forclosed. I begged them an tried to explain why an they said it wasnt their problem an if we wanted to stay we have to give them $4,300 to stay. Please can somebody help us I dont have anything else to pawn or sale. An me an my wife are going to seperate becuase of this problem. an another thing they said they put. a new roof an with the rain its leaking inside. PLEASE HELP US!

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