Complaint: I usually rent a car from Enterprise but they had me on a waiting list this particular weekend. My vehicle was wrongfully reposessed by ABC Auto or America’s Best Chance Auto (read report on them also). I rented a ’97 Chevy Lumina and you could smell the smog inside the vehicle plus the horn did not work. I took it back the next day or so and rented a ’02 Chevy Cavalier. The wheels were squeaking on that one, but I took it anyway. I didn’t sign for anything except the first time when I got the Lumina. When I took it back I asked if I needed to sign anything for the Cavalier Chad said, “no

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Address: and sorry about that we will just charge you the same rate you had the Lumina for…$99/wk. I had planned on having the Cavalier two weeks but I had it one week and one day when it broke down on me. It stopped in Tempe

Website: and 30 minutes. These people accused me of the car running out of gas and abandoning the car

Phone: it started to rain and my mother and my 8 month old baby was with me. We jumped on the bus because nobody answered the emergency phone after four calls