Married for over 3 years, both my husband and I were musicians that played live almost 6 nights a week. Its not uncommon to see desperate drunk insecure women drop to their knees at any guy that can hold a guitar. Most of the time the pathetic things these”groupie” women do for attention is a great source of free entertainment for us in the band. Sabrina Whaley was one groupie that was almost too pathetic to even laugh about. Being almost 40 years old, She was downtown desperately hunting for any attention. She lived in Texas and loved music so much that she rented an apartment in Nashville that was literally across the street from where we played. The only talent she was given was how to find prisioners and how to completely brainwash/manipulate men.She leached on to my husband and even went as far as hiring a lawyer to file for our divorce (which she unsuccessfully tried to do herself). When I found out that this woman was buying my husband tequila shots until he was belligerent (I had never known him to drink more than a few drinks occasionally) then persuading him to”crash” at her apartment instead of driving home drunk, I was stunned. Not only was she the oldest most desperate and pathetic bar slut in Nashville, she was by far the most unattractive woman I’ve ever come across. I was rightfully unimpressed and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Little did I know that this was all part of her plan. Within a few days she had bought him a new phone plan, changed his number and said that his other phone was”stolen”. Although her plan failed several times as he would end up calling me off of the phone number she got him. She tried changing his number 3 times before realizing that perhaps she couldn’t stop him from trying to contact his wife to work things out. He would spend nights back home with me begging to make things work meanwhile Sabrina winded up without her job in Texas, because she was not showing up for work for she feared that if she left, he would come back to his wife.Meanwhile my husband moved in to a trailer behind his mother’s house as we tried to sort things out. Well within a few weeks her master plan was beginning to unfold. She went and tried to file a restraining order against me in order to ensure that she could come to all of my husbands gigs without me being around to work. I had to wait nearly 4 weeks (she had the 1st date postponed for she was”not in the state”) to finally have a court date to prove that the allegations she made about me were false. She claimed I”stalked her” and that i was”a musician that thought I was untouchable” and she feared for her and her boyfriend’s (my husband) safety. The judge rightfully saw right through her psychotic behavior and even told her that her actions were the ones that should be punished. Without a job she soon lost her apartment and pleaded to stay with him at his mother’s trailer, saying he was leaving her homeless if he wouldn’t let her stay. I started to find out through my lawyer that Sabrinas older sister just got out of prison for murdering her husband. She is obsessed with me and is furious that my husband will not sign the divorce papers. He showed me emails where she wrote notes to herself speaking in third person about my husband and I. The other day she received her gun permit and I don’t doubt that she is capable of doing something completely insane. It has turned into her obsession, she won’t let go and is still without a job. || She plays the victim by claiming she has no where to go and that her mother is dying of cancer. If her mother is really in that condition, I think the fact that she would rather ruin a couples marriage while living in a doublewide with no job rather than being in Texas to be with her family and mother, speaks for itself. Sabrina Whaley is every bit as ugly inside as she is out.