I met Michele Matheson, a few years ago, an overly perky person, but friendly enough since we shared an interest in the same breed of dogs. I met her on a group occaision concerning our mutual interest of a certain dog breed and felt she was just an overly friendly person but harmless nevertheless. As a breeder of said dogs and since she seemed very educated on the breed we struck up quite an affection for each other, a bonding of sorts. Michele, has a way of swaying people by her hard luck stories of betrayal of men, her mother, sister, and father, to the point she claimed, she was pretty much an orphan. I, being twenty years older than her felt a motherly bond, since my belated husband and I were only to have one child, a boy, who died in his thirties from a fatal car crash, and took Michele under my wing, as the saying goes. I knew she had a boyfriend, never met the man but again he was controlling and poor Michele, was again stuck in a position she could not fix, a rather revolving door of emotional stand offs once again. She first approached me in the spring and asked if I could finance her sagging business Sacred Heart Jewelry, because her said boyfriend was demanding she pay more rent, plus she had to help support her mother and had to pay for supplies to create more jewlery, which was a major source of her income, since she is a self employed person. At first, I thought maybe, if not an educated investment, but a charitable investment, I should help Michele in her constant conquest of bettering her life, until my niece suggested otherwise. My neice, love of my life, liked some pieces of jewlery, since she had the interest in the old romamgreco style, which Michele recreates and wanted to support her by purchasing some items instead of buying an interest in her company. I, thankfully listened to my niece and agreed. We both purchased some pieces we liked and I commissioned Michele to make me a piece in remembrance of my son and husband. Well it has been three months and suddenly she has dropped off the face of the earth, and will not return my calls. I paid hundreds of dollars, as well as my neice, and neither of us have seen any jewery. Now this isn’t gold or semi precious stones we asked for so we are both bewildered by this lack of communication. Please beware when you do business with so called friends, because not only does it leave you with out the goods, but the loss of a so called good friend.

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