I texted message December 15 at 8 o clock in the morning confirming my appointment for 6 o clock that evening. Shortly she texted back saying thank you for reminding her and yes she will see me at 6. A couple hours later she texted and asked could I come earlier than 6. I told her I get off work at 4 but I can try and leave at 3:30 if she needs me. She said no the way you are coming you will be in to much tariff and just keep your appointment at 6. She than texted me at 3 saying hello Jennifer can you come to your appointment at 9 tonight. I instantly called her cause she lives to far for me to be driving a hour in a half in the middle of the night. When I called she said my apartment complex have towed my client’s vehicle. I asked you don’t have visitors parking, she stated no. I asked do you have any stores across the street, she said I live miles away from any stores. I was so desperate I was willing to park my car and take uber to her apartment complex. Shamika seen I wasn’t taking no for answer she immediately said this not gonna work and hung up in my face. I called back she press the ignore button. Shortly after that I received a refund for my deposit I was hurt. I texted her and went off saying some pretty mean things toward her. I begin to received calls from unknown numbers cussing me. I was scrolling through Instagram and I ran across sadestyledme feed and realize this girl has put my name and number on a public form with bogus one sided story. I have been receiving harassing messages all through the night. I have submitted a complaint to board of Texas cause she is unlicensed and charge salon prices in her house and does not know how treat people. I have also included all the harassing terriost messages I been receiving from her followers cause she expose my private information on instagram. If you have an important event do not go to her. She’s mean, unreliable, unprofessional and don’t give a dam about the client. She will lie and tell ppl you were late to your appontment and have disclaimer about that when this not the case. I wouldn’t recommend her until she licenses and can be accounted for her actions and grow up. It’s not cool to give a chick the run around after they have taken down their hair and they advise you they had important event. I feel the story she made up was a lie and she didn’t feel like doing my hair cause over booked herself and forgot about me.


  • Name: SadeStyledMe
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Humble
  • Address: 20131 Hwy 59 N
  • Phone: (832) 779-7452
  • Website: www.sadestyledme.com/