I got this flight deal on Safe National America with the promise that it would be about 30% less the original price that Im going to pay without the deal. I was excited about this since I have been planning to go visit Vegas again and this deal just happens to give me that opportunity to go there, and with discount. But when I avail myself with it, I found out that I paid the original cost, not the one with the 30% discount. So I checked on it and they said that that certain deal doesnt exist nor any flight deals for that matter. What is this all about? I am very infuriated since I have made plans with this flight and I cant very well change it now since all the necessary details of that flight has been made and it would be a another headache to rearrange everything. What I didnt like about this is that they havent made the details right when they advertised otherwise I wouldnt get the deal myself.

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