Complaint: Safeguard Properties recently withdrew the contract from the number one vendor here in Colorado because a broker filed complaints with Fannie Mae. Several brokers had requested Consolidated Services to perform work on their properties because the jobs were done professionally. Safeguard Properties chose to send other vendors to these properties where the work was not done to standards. When several brokers complained to Fannie Mae, Safeguard Properties decided to cancel the contract of this vendor rather than accept responsibility. Fannie Mae is one of Safeguards biggest contracts. I would encourage all brokers in the Denver metro area to file complaints against Safeguard Properties to Fannie Mae and let them know that Consolidated Services have provided quality winterizations to their properties as well as all other services, but because complaints were filed, Safeguard chose to eliminate this vendor. Demand that Consolidated Services get their contract back again, or that Fannie Mae should eliminate Safeguards contract with them.

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