Complaint: Ok we all see stories about how bad a company is and how they didn’t pay. We think maybe they were just bad contractors and that’s what happen. Our company was in business for 7 years before we took work from safeguard properties and we ranged from $200,000 to $500,000 a year in gross sales. We saw the war stories and thought same as above. We worked with them for a year and the money was being paid (super late but paid). My wife feel ill after our child was born and I took off from work orders for about two months. after the two months we told them we can no longer take work orders due to family medical issues. at this time we were owed $13,598 still. Long story short, after 5 months later we still have not seen any of the money owed to us. What we have seen was back charge after back charge. They have back charged us the $13,598 owed to us and have back charged us so far to date $41,035. before you think “what the heck you guys mess up””

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Address: that’s the thing

Website: we just received our 1099 from them and they over stated the 1099 by $12170. So there’s another thing we have to deal with. for you contractors that are thinking about doing work for these guys or any bank repo company for that matter beware. None are in business to help you. They all have the business plan to make money and take yours. you will NEVER come out ontop. if you want to get in this industry you can simply do it yourself and bypass the middleman who takes all the money.”

Phone: nothing. All the back charges are from jobs we have done 17-22 months ago. They back charged us $675 for a seam in carpet that was visible. The room was 10×10. No carpet builders grade cost that much. It was never visable and the realtor signed off on all our paperwork and gave us 10’s on our papereork. now all of a sudden 19 months later there’s an issue and we get a charge back. another chargeback was for $2950 for not connecting electric to an a/c unit. We have emails stating not to connect the electric when we brought it to their attention. This one is 11 months ago and guess what