Promoting insurance enforcement scam


My Complaint: Safeguard made it a point within the past 6 months enforcing Contractor to purchase business liability and errors and omissions insurance from one of three individual insurance careers. Safeguard stated they have had a hard time in the past getting paid from the insurance companies when a Contractor makes a mistake. Accordingly, apparently these three insurance companies make payable to Safeguard Properties at the drop of a hat even if it’s not the contractor’s fault further increasing the premiums towards the Contractor. It has been said, Safeguard Properties has lost much of their real estate portfolios to other national management companies. it stands to reason Safeguard Properties may be tried to get caught up on lost revenue through the Contractors. Numerous Contractors stated they did not want to leave their current insurance which is valid business liability insurance. Safeguard states Contractors have up to a small amount of limited time to gain this insurance at who they chose to accept. This make insurance less competitive. Additionally, there may be fraud involved in this business activity. Safeguard may be getting kick-backs from these insurance companies they are forcing Contractors to purchase. DO NOT TRUST SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES OR THESE INSURANCE COMPANIES. He is the three insurance companies::
*York-Jersey Underwriters, Inc.
*Leonard Insurance Group
( )
*Brunswick Insurance Services

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My Demand: Money back-Alerting other Contractors