Scammed Contractor out of money after services were already rendered.


My Complaint: After Contractor was expressly warned not to complete services for this company, the Contractor went ahead and performed services for 5 months. During this time, everything went well until Safeguard demanded Contractor to obtain one of three specific insurance companies authorized by Safeguard Properties. Contractor stated they have proper insurance for the industry which has been previously accepted by Safeguard. Since Safeguard has had issues getting paid for fraudulent claims, Safeguard found their specific insurance companies are much easier to get paid for these fraudulent claims. No claim was ever brought against this specific Contractor. After Contractor stated they did not have the funds to purchase the additional insurance due to slow payables by Safeguard, Safeguard started to remove assignments and re-assign to another Contractor further reducing funds. Several recent assignments completed by this specific Contractor, Safeguard stated they will not pay for services already rendered because of a missing photos support a ruler showing the grass height after the grass was already cut.
Any Contractor nation-wide who chooses to perform services for Safeguard Properties, don’t say you were not pre-warned to stay away. Contractor does plan to file liens against property. If Contractors insist on performing services for Safeguard Properties, you deserve what you get just like this company who was warned to stay way.


My Demand: Payment for services rendered