Tell you that you won, then charge you for prodoct. then report your credit if you dont pay


My Complaint: They called up and said I won a free home security system. I told them that I didn’t have the money to hook it up and they said I didn’t have to hook it up. So I told them ok. A couple months later they called me and said I owed them money and I was late on my payment. I said I didn’t owe them anything. I ended up paying them and I canceled my account. Four years later they report on my credit that I am late and delinquent. I have a business and all my loans won’t go through now, my credit cards are dropping my line of credit, and they will not be workable. The owner of the place said it was all my fault because I wasn’t checking my account with them to make sure they weren’t charging me. And I had cancelled the account four years before this. This company is full of liars and cheats. Do not do business with them. I think I got a different story every time I called to complain to them. BEWARE!!!


My Demand: I asked them to send a letter to my bank explaining the problem and it took me four calls to get a letter. the letter didn’t explain anythin