I was a loyal Safeway customer for over 20 years, contributing many thousands of dollars in revenue to Safeway during that time. Recently I wrote a check for $38 worth of groceries in local Pacific Grove store, had posted a deposit in my checking account earlier that afternoon. Bank glitch,check did not get posted until following evening. Found out Safeway’s check was returned to them, and went into the store to make payment. The manager refused payment, handed me a small hot pink slip with a toll-free number on it. Told me I had to call to ‘correct the problem.’ nI called, it was a COLLECTION AGENCY! I gave them the info they wanted to locate my “file.”” They told me that Safeway’s policy is to present checks for payment twice. (I have a bank statement verifying it was only posted ONCE.) They told me after that the bad checkwriter is sent to collections. nI remained calm and asked how I could arrange payment. The agent told me I needed to WAIT UNTIL I WAS CONTACTED by the collection bureau they had dispatched my ‘bad checkwriting’ account to! nI waited several days and finally received an envelope from the local MONTEREY COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE. Upon reading contents

it stated that Safeway stores had filed a collection complaint

that I was liable for fines or imprisonment or both

as ‘bad checkwriting’ was a FELONY. nMoreover

the notice stated that in order to respond