I tell ya, SAFEWAY needs to pack there crap up and get the heck out of AZ and move back to UTAH. They cant do anything right. PAYcheck is screwed up as usual. I have gotten pissed before about this and have gotten s**t for it by my BOSS. oh yeah, now im really pissed. NOT TAKING ANYMORE crap FROM THEM I will seriously put a dent in safeways busniess, if they do not comlply and geT the d**n payroll corrected…..READ AND WEEP MF’S nIt all started when we went to the time clock from filling out timesheets. They cant seem to get it right, as my check has been messed up on several occasions. I have spoken to my boss about this before….his name is Freddie Zamora. In the past he has basically stated there’s nothing you can do and you will just have to accept it “as is””

and not get paid the full amount thats entitled to me. To me this is BS and unnacceptable. Also I am not the only one who feels this way

there are several other employess that have the same problems.. nPaulnPeoria


20435 N 26th Ave Ph0enix, Arizona U.S.A.