Loss Prevention security detained me outside Vons store in Silver lake area store # (2665) and accused me of taking merchandise without paying for it. On a separate incident, same loss privation agent followed me to check out counter and stood in bagging area to show his presence. I was the only customer in line at the time. Security made it clear by his presence that he was observing me. I’ve contacted customer service on these incidents and and after 3 months they returned my phone call. That’s after I informed them that I was going to contact the Media. The store Manager offered me a $25.00 gift card. I explained to him that I would contact my attorney. The following day I was contacted by Loss Prevention regional manager and told that he would give me a $50.00 gift card. Further more he explained that the penal code allows them to do what they do. I asked him if the store manager had informed him of my actions. Loss prevention manager said yes ” he said you would file a law suit”” I asked him if that concerned him? He replied go ahead. The company has shown to have no accountability for their actions.”

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