Complaint: These people are playing with people’s lives, not just their finances….. We had a family law case we paid $2000 retainer, Katherine Bishop agreed to take our case and then we never seen or heard from her again. She talks really fast on the phone she has this manic chatter that definitely indicates some mental health issues going on. I wonder what she is on. Anyways she sent another attorney Sarah Cox whom we’ve never seen or hear from nor agreed to having. Sarah shows up late on the day of court, failed to serve the respondent so then the respondent moved and we lost track. Her excuse for not being prepared on the day of court was, “my computer crashed.”” I certainly didn’t pay upto $300 an hour for a jr attorney to “”start”” working on our case the morning of our court date. Not to mention switching attorneys on us the morning of the court date. We immediately had them removed off our case

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Address: and they continued to bill us!!! The court outcome ofcourse was a disaster. There would have been less damage if I represented myself. As a result a little girl’s life is now destroyed. They didn’t take calls but gladly took the money. When we filed a complaint Scott J. Sagaria just threw some legal words like I was ignorant to the smoke screen and distraction tactic to avoid accountability. I would’ve had more respect if they at least admitted they royally messed up. But no accountability or integrity on any level. $2000 was not easy to come up with. In one morning a little girl’s life destroyed

Website: but nothing compared to the emotional damage to the family. You would do less damage representing yourself then having these incompetent lawyers represent you.”

Phone: services paid for never delivered