this company has no return call back sends you real watermark checks to be cashed with your name on it at an usbank. they offer you a job at 600.00 per week if you do what they as of all seems to be under a trust . it says call me , call me , and no call . ni needed a job . i was able to cash the check at a check cashing place in town. after usbank told me the funds in this account were not there. i did not cash the check. ni still have it. nbut my point is that i could have walked out with 3888.16 of cash very easy. but i need a job not check fraud. nso letting you know that real checks are being put out there and people can cash them in other areas besides a bank. they keep sending me and my boyfreind checks that we can do nothing with .my concern is that they are all real water mark checks. what do i need to do with this weird problem?? nryanndillon, ColoradoU.S.A.

Po Box 20068 Houston, Texas U.S.A.


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