My husband and I rented a one bedroom, 1 bath apt at Sailwind at Lake Deer in Winter Haven, FL I was guarenteed a $100 card if I went thru I did that as I was in another state at the time. We rented it unseen. The management came up with one excuse after another and we never did receive it. When we moved in, maintanance fixed a few problems with no problem. After 2 yrs, we decided to move to a 2 bedroom. What a mistake! There was constantly water flowing from the ceiling in the bathroom, constant problems with the AC, plumbing problems. Maintanance became friendly because they had to come to our apt (and others) so often. They started complaing to me because they had no money in their budget to fix things. They had to “rig” my shower after tearing the wall apart ending up with a button to push up at the shower head to turn it from shower to tub. Being short and disabled, I had to stand on the side of the tub to reach it. A neighbor complained he had water coming in his front window when it rained and when they tore the wall out, the studs were consumed by termites. You could actually push on the outside wall and it moved! The guys “borrowed” studs from an apt that had fire damage. Whenever slats for blinds, sliding screen doors broke. It was always another empty apt they “borrowed” from. After 3 yrs, we got out. Crime had increased, drugs being sold, cars stolen. We lived there 3 yrs and never once late on the rent. Since we lived there and left, there has been 2 fires (one destroyed one whole building in the back), another upstairs apt they covered with a blue tarp, there was one murder of a disabled man they found stabbed to death in his apt, countless cars stolen.. etc. When we moved out, we assumed they would charge us for the carpet, which I had no problem with. We had 2 dogs. But they tacked on additional charge for a new set of blinds. NO WAY! There was NO damage to any of the blinds let alone the glass door blinds! I called the management com. and spoke to Ste….. I explained nicely I would agree to pay for the carpet, but considering ALL the blinds were in place when I left and one week later when visiting a friend across from that apt, there were slats missing. In a LOCKED, empty apt. She got nasty, saying I had no right to “destroy” their apt, raising her voice and then hanging up on me! I refused to pay any of it since it was only a total not itemized bill. Of course they sent it to collections. I don’t care! I put up with them for yrs! Never late with my rent, went along for months paying for a 2 bed 2 bath apt and only having 1 usable bath. The AC went thru the ceiling and many times I had to call and have them come out because the ceiling was leaking because of the AC freezing up. DO NOT rent from this place. You will lose in the end….


  • Name: Sailwind Apartments
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Winter Haven
  • Address: 350 24th St NW
  • Phone: 863-299-4467
  • Website: