The management of this store is shameful and embarrassing. First, do not waste your time applying for a job at this store if you are an intelligent, attractive woman who dresses very nice and small to average in size. Given these positive attributes, the managers, especially Tonya, will not hire you. In fact, she will bad mouth you. This is what happened to me and the HR manager did not have the respect to notify me as to the status of my interview, after stating that she would do so. | Secondly, after learning that there is a very bad culture and abysmal historic practice of racially profiling and placing black customers under surveillance, I want nothing to do with this store on any level. I feel sorry for people like Tonya whose narrowly poor skill set and education limit them to working in a retail store along side college kids and for an hourly wage. I am a real estate investor now and had it not been for the terrible experience at this store, I might not have refocused my efforts. | If it were not for the fact that Saks Fifth Avenue owns their space and operates separate from the rest of the mall, it more than likely would have closed as many stores continue to do so at Triangle Towne Center.


  • Name: Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Raleigh
  • Address: 7700 Old Wake Forest Rd
  • Phone: 1 919-792-9100
  • Website: